Constant BSOD problems

I have just recently reinstalled Windows 7, and I have all my drivers but I keep getting BSOD's for some odd reason.

I will attach the mini dump files on sky drive (there are 7 files in total).!187&parid=5545B04D2CA42EF4!186&authkey=!ALimxM4PsYcVc2Y

The crashes always happen at random times, its BSOD'd while watching YouTube, while scanning for viruses, downloading drivers for my printer and even while playing MLB 2K12 today. I have tried using Blue Screen Viewer and most of the time it says that something called ntoskrnl.exe caused the problem.

If this is the wrong section please advise me where I should post this, and I don't know if I uploaded the mini dumps properly.

System Specs:
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel I7 920 - stock
Antec Earthwatts 750w
Ati Radeon 4850
9GB ram
500GB Western Digital HDD
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  1. This honestly seems more like a ram problem. Have you scanned your ram with memtest? I have seen ram sticks go defective at random intervals before and when it happens it causes issues much like the ones you are describing.
  2. Unfortunately.......there are MANY things that can cause the symptoms that you have. It could be your PSU, you ram, temps? The list could go on and on. The only way you're going to figure it out is by trial and error.

    Try a different psu, and see what that does?
    Try each stick of ram, one stick at a time, in every ram slot.....and see what that does?
    etc, etc good luck!
  3. I also posted this on Windows 7 Forums and it turned out that it was my antivirus AVG that was causing all of the blue screens. All I had to do was uninstall AVG and get a new Antivirus.

    Thanks a lot for the replies.

    (link for anyone with similar problems)
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