Intel core i5 3470 and Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 OC 1GB bottlenecking?

In my new pc i have a intel core i5 3470 CPU and a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 OC 1GB graphics card. will this create any bottlenecking???
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  1. No, The GPU is very weak. It will only game at low settings at 1080p.

    If anything, the GPU will bottleneck the CPU in games. It is the lowest of the current gen cards.
  2. yes its a low GPU but it can run any game out at the moment at 1080p in medium to high/ultra settings
  3. it can play 90% of games according to game debate
  4. hasbreo, your information is simply incorrect.

    although technically the 650 may be able to run the game, the frame rates at 1080p on high/ultra as you outlined, are simply not good. Unplayable.

    For 1080p at high/ultra your looking at a 7850 bare minimum, which would wipe the floor with the 650 OC.

    With your CPU a good match would be a 660ti or 7870. That swould be a nicely balanced system. Keep in mind your always gonna have a bottleneck with one thing or another, whether cpu bound or gpu bound. Future proofing is a myth ( or at least in any real sense - there's always something better just around the corner). I would recommend losing the 650 and upgrading to something like Ive mentioned or above. Your cpu is a decent one.
  5. A 650 is a very weak card. Medium settings mainly. Low on some games. The processor could handle much more graphics power to be honest.
  6. The only circumstance in which that might be a well-balanced system is if the only games you play are MMOs. Even then, the 650 is holding you back from enjoying outdoor zones with full eye candy. But that may be an acceptable sacrifice in order to get decent performance in large-scale instanced combat on a strict budget.
  7. Yeah, sorry to break it to you man. Your GPU is bottom end. Games like skyrim/BF3/Far Cry3 will run at low settings at 1080p.

    It just isn't a very good GPU. Its cheap.

    At 1080p there is no chance this will play at more than medium settings.

    You have a high end CPU and a weak, low end GPU.
  8. Run games @ low resolution settings like 1280x768 and you will be fine with that mini me gtx 650 card at ultra with atleast 30-40fps. ;)
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