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Hello... I am a little bit confused because i have a 385 watt psu (10years old) with 75% efficiency and i want to buy HD 7750 or GT 640.. can my psu run them and if yes which one do you purpose? Help :P
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  1. Well, If you do have more than 1 HDD and DVDrom. That should be enough. I believe GT 640 does not require any additional power and is actually very power efficient at 28nm design.

    But since PSU capacitors degrade in time, ( about 5 percent every year.. depending on amount time used) I would suggest you get a new PSU instead. You can cheap ones like HEC Cougar at about $60
  2. You can check the PSU calculator here
  3. mycutefairy said:
    You can check the PSU calculator here

    ok thanks for the advise... this is my psu by the way ...

    will it handle my new gpu? what do you think?
  4. It actually depends on your CPU and number of drives installed. But if you only have 1 HDD, 1 CD ROM and 1 stick of RAM, that could be enough since the GT 640 only requires 65w. You could give me your full specs just to be sure.

    You can actually check if the PSU can't handle it since the fan would usually be too loud
  5. ok let me see... i have an i3 3220 proccessor and 4 GB RAM 1333 Mhz
    1 HDD
    No DVD Rom was that helpful ? tell me what else you need :)
  6. Oh, i3 actually consumes very little power. Yeah, that should work with your current system. You would only use about 180 - 210w so that should do it
  7. ok thanks and one last question (sorry for being annoying) if i put on this gpu and my psu cant handle it is it a chance that would destroy my system ? :S
  8. Not likely. I actually had a cheap PSU before that does not have the 6 pin connector 12v and 31 amps. And I connected my GTX 460 and the psu just died. so I got the 600 watt Antec and my system just fires up like nothing happened

    You will actually know that the PSU can't handle it because the fan would start to be really loud.
  9. ok THANK you for your time :)
  10. You're welcome. Make sure to select the best answer to close the thread. :)
  11. by the way, GT 640 consumes lesser power. You might want to lean towards that card
  12. Well normally I would outline it like this to make it easy for people to see. Also one thing to keep in mind that your power supply is old and its also likely that your power supply may not push the same wattage it did on day one. Also, I wouldn't buy a power supply around the idea of running your system at 80-100 percent load all the time I think that would be unwise as its a heavy load. It may be a worthwhile investment to update your power supply and would be happy to assist you if you would like.

    CPU: i3 3220
    MEMORY: 4 GB 1333 mhz
    VIDEO CARD: WIP (work in progress)
    Power Supply: 385 Watts

    If your computer is a store bought computer please provide the following

    Model Number:
  13. ok ... My Mother is Gigabyte-B75M-D3H... so you are saying that i should buy a new psu and then the gpu.. ok thank you... but if i would like to buy a new card with the same psu what would it be? or it would not be worthwhile ?
  14. We used to build $320 computer in India using low end cards like GT 430 before. And as long as you do not have Cards that require a lot of power like GTX -- or anything with 6 pin or 8 pin connectors. You would be fine even with 300 watt psu in my exp.
  15. A 7750 would probably fit the bill. As it requires a 400w Power supply I would think you would be okay but again I can't speak to the validity of how stable your power supply is with a higher load of power.

    With a better power supply you could easily get something more formidable a 650Ti, 660, or 7850 to name a few.
  16. the card will be in high use only when playing c.o.d. in less than 5 hours a day... so i think it would probably be ok.. and i plan to change my psu but not right now... found this card on a crazy price so i woud buy it :) and i will inform you :) thank you guys !!!
  17. No problem glad we could help you.
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