Coil Whine on MSI 7950

Hey there everyone. I just got a MSI TF3 7950, and it's experiencing coil whine while playing games. Every game I play, Skyrim, Chivalry, etc, has it. I think I should return it for another card. Is this normal? Will my chances of getting one without coil whine be better? Who knows. It's just annoying to spend plus 300 dollars and have the sound of a telephone wire coming from your case...suggestions?

My specs

Asus p8z77vPro Mobo
i5 3570k
Corsair 700 watt PSU
Kingston Kyper X 8GB
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  1. Coil whine is normal (sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's annoying) although if you'd like to try your luck, then you'd better RMA it. Who knows, maybe you'll get a better card without any coil whine
  2. Yea best idea would be to try and RMA it ang get a new one. And no, your chances of getting one without coil whine are not better. This is a risk you take with graphics cards unfortunately, kinda like the silicon lottery with precessing chips...
  3. I think I'll head on to Tiger Direct and try my luck at an exchange and hope that works out. I've read that the Sapphire and Gigabit 7950's are actually more known to have coil whine than the MSI tf3. And the ASUS 7950 is out of the question considering how big it is, and the reviews aren't stellar at all. But to my understanding, this is just an anomaly of the card itself, and its possible to find one without coil whine?
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