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i have choosen ati readon 7770 ,was confused in 6850 also,but 7770 was latest so i choosed 7770 hd....but cant decide its motherboard bcz 7770 has 3.0 pci slot, i cant find motherboard with 3.0.....also my processor is amd 4100 and 4 gb ram......also what is crossfire and how it is done......which to buy 7770 or 7770 oc.....?
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  1. Get any Mobo that fits your Processor.

    PCI slot doesn't matters much, but that Mobo should have one.

    7770 would be good. You can Overclock it yourself.
  2. Yes all PCI-e Standards are backwards compatible so a 3.0 card will work perfectly in a 2.0 and 1.0 slot.

    Also buy the regular 7770. Most of them can be easily overclocked to 1200mhz!
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