Back of cdrom, digital or analog?

most of the newer cd-rom's have both a digital and an analog connection on the back. I'm looking at getting the IWill board, but it seems that that the new Iwill xp333 board doesn't have the digital connection for the CD-rom like the sb live card I have now. which is better the digital or the analog connection?


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  1. Digital is supposed to be better, but most people can't tell the difference when it comes to that particular cable.

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  2. Very true.

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  3. i have never used those cable things and my SB Audigy plays audio in a perfectly clear manner. i don't think it's anything to bother with.
  4. I was wondering the same thing.My cdrom only came with the analog audio connector.I went into the properties of the onboard CMedia sound chip,and set it to digital.It now plays cd's without any audio cable connected.I am assuming it is done thru the 80 wire ribbon cable...Not sure why there is a digital connector on the cdrom,if you dont need it............

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  5. that is how it does it, through the ide cable.
    it usually sounds better, and allows you to use the sound enhancements that are usually included in the media players.
    but i think analog uses the cpu a lot just uses the sound card and the cdrom.
    but i am not sure.


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  6. Kinda makes you wonder why the manufacturers put digital connectors on the drive,since the cable does the trick.Also,my soyo had two different connectors for the audio,not sure if one was for digital,or just two different types of analog?.:)

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  7. for that info, check the should say.
    as for the reason they include the digital audio...i think it is smart...because if your motherboard or sound card support it, then you can free up computer resources by not dealing with the ide interface...and going straight from the cdrom to the sound card...
    i wish my sound card had spdif, but it doesnt...i had a cable for it, but i used it for an led...hehe..worked great!
    but my cdrom is dying anyways...has been for a while.
    3 year old panasonic 40x, which stopped working altogether in my friends computer 2 years ago, but i nursed it back to health, but now it is not really playing cdaudio.
    tried cleaning the head a few times too.
    dunno!?!?!? :eek:


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  8. The only reasonable use I've seen for those digital outputs is they make for good optical or stereo out using the minimal amount of CPU/IDE resources(in case your running an FTP, BBS, server, or other media situation that would interfere with the playback via IDE). Once the CD has it's instructions to spin, output can be maintained using just the sound card, and be of good digital content versus the usual analog conversion created for use with the standard output. Good for external hardware [such as Tascams] usage while keeping your other resources free, but if your sound is staying in-house (amp & speakers don't count as external hardware for this purpose), there is no practicle use for it.

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    yeah..if you are an audiophile, and like things to sound good, it would come in handy..especially if you also like to use your computer for stuff while you listen to music.
    and a computer has become an integral part of a home entertainment least in my opinion.
    they even make cases that are shaped like a component, and are nice looking, and will match your stereo equipment!


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  10. When using the ribbon cable you are stealing bandwidth from your IDE devices, when you use a cable (digital or analog) the sound is going right to the card eating up less CPU usage and leaving the IDE free of clutter. Also the digital cable is nice for doing MP3 rips. Most people dont notice the dif between digital and analog, but the digital is better by the numbers =)

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  11. The manual merely stated there were two different types,and to use the one that matched the cable supplied with the device.It did not differentiate as to the uses of the connectors,only that you could only use one.:)

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