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I have an old pc with ASUS m2n68 am plus. It does have only PCIe x 16 gen 1.0 ( i think!!). And most of the graphics cards that i can find is gen 2 or higher.
Can i have a gen 2 installed to my port. If yes suggest me some cards under 80$. Or else suggest me available gen 1 cards. I'm still doubtful whether my board will deliver any impressive performance either way.
My Spec are
ASUS m2n68 am plus.
DDR2 4 gb ram
450 watts psu
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  1. pcie is backwards compatible, so any pcie gen card should work in any pcie slot. should... there have been some problems if the manufacturer hasnt updated biosses or something else silly has been done to the mobo to cut cost or whatever...
  2. Any suggestion for this spec????
  3. Since it's Gen 1, most likely not ganna work with the 600 series, best if you go with a GTx 550 Ti or 560 Ti..
  4. ^^yeah those sound like good choices, since the mobo is am2 the cpu will bottleneck faster cards anyways
  5. does that mean i should spend money on mobo and cpu to have a good gaming experience?
  6. I use a Radeon HD 5750 on an old mobo w/PCIe x 16 gen 1.0. It preforms pretty well.
    You can buy one at newegg for $89 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814129146
  7. Hi,

    In response to your question. I can only give tell you from experience!
    I replaced my old graphic card to a MIS GT610 on my HP a6177C. It has a ASUS motherboard mini-atx IPIBL-LA. I have done some upgrades over years, including upgrading to a 600W power supply (HP power supply fan made too much noise), Replaced the Duo Core processor with a QuadCore Q6660 and added 4GB of ram . I am running the system in 32 bit. Yes, It is not a gamer rig but GT610 handles very nicely. It is hook up to a Dell u2713hm monitor and it handles 2560x1440 beautifully in windows 8, Vista (I use it once in a while) and of course Xubuntu (Which what I used the most) . I would think you wont have any problems with the lower 600 series Nvidia. The GT610 is both low in power consumption and low profile. I had a GT520 before but the fan noise was horrible but it never failed me.

    Good Luck! Hope it helps!

    MIS GT610 is about $50.00 1GB

    Using Xubuntu 12.10 (Nvidia driver 313.30)
    Nvidia X-server sees it as:
    PCIe x 16 1st generation Max 2.5GT/s

    Sorry I did not read the full threat. I have no games in the system. It plays Blu Ray and media beautiful. Games not sure it is ddr3 so i am guessing probably not!
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