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I have win7 ultimate 32 bit OS with nvidia 9400gt. Normal GPU temperature is around 50-60C and while gaming it goes upto 90C. But from one week as soon as I start the computer I see that Gpu temp is already 80-90C and while gaming it crosses the limit 105C. Does anyone know what is causing this rapid increase in temp?

I have been using this from 3 years.
I did a clean install of new nvidia drivers and also checked for viruses. Cant find a solution
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  1. clean inside of your case from dust, clean out the video card heatsink as there might be dust stuck between the fins
  2. Shut down your PC, remove your GPU, clean its heatsink and/or fan with a moist swab. Be CAREFUL. Make sure it has dried cmpletely and dont leave it out in the sun.
  3. I use compressed air
  4. that's clearly wrong, too high so first do what they suggested, most likely that will fix it.

    also, do some cable management to improve airflow, add fans if you can.

    9400gt should not be that hot, even a high end card should not be that hot
  5. if the heatsink has a fan on it the fan might have failed. (some 9400gt were passive iirc)

    anyways sounds like it is full of dust and has been for some time, it really shouldn't hit 90c if it wasn't...
  6. Dude, I too have this problem. Got this problem recently.
    My Idle temp is 70+ and Gaming Temp is 102.

    I too don't know the Solution.
    Now I can't game on my Old Rig.
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    Maybe thermal paste on heatsink is failing?
  8. The problem still persists after cleaning
  9. mmaatt747 said:
    Maybe thermal paste on heatsink is failing?

    thermal paste is found under the heatsink. And mines has been working for seven yearssss.
  10. alvine said:
    I use compressed air

    Dont tell me that u use a vacuum cleaner :D
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