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What can a radeon hd 6570 run?

I ordered a radeon hd 6570 msi from amazon and I'm wondering if I would be able to play some modern games at decent settings my screen resolusion is 1080x1280 I don't usually play very high end games I usually play low end games like minecraft,Tf2 the only really high end game I own is just cause 2 but I'd still like the option to play higher end games would this card allow me too?

SPECS:amd athlon 7550 dual core 2.5ghz
Radeon HD 5450 (old video card)
300 watt PSU
1080x1280 screen
Motherboard not sure
3gb ram
Windows 7 32bit
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    that card will be a significant improvement but your processor will hold you back quite a lot. high end games are out of the question unless you can tolerate 20fps or less. i found a review that shows your processor with a gtx 590, only getting 30fps, and your new card is 1/4 that one. but your processor is whats holding you back so im guessing that you will get in the low 20s.

    you should check your motherboard, you might have a cpu socket that you can shove a cheap athlon x4 or phenom II into. you can get them pretty cheap new and 20%-50% cheaper used.
  2. Old games can be played at med-high settings.but modern games will strugle at your resolution.hd 6570 can only play modern games at med-high upto 1280*720res.
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