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I have a GTX 285 1GB that I think is causing all my games to freeze and even giving my pc trouble starting up.

Whenever I play a game, it will randomly freeze and then i will be forced to physically reboot my pc because nothing responds afterwards. My pc also has problems starting up, it gets stuck while loading windows (at the windows logo) and then i have to physically reboot the pc continuously and hope it gets past the windows loading stage. I tried running tests on my RAM and it passed them, I tried runnning tests on the HDD and that was fine as well... I have a pretty good power supply, 720WATTS (GIGABYTE), which is more then adequate for the card...PLEASE HELP!!!
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  1. Have you tried opening the PC and cleaning off dust etc from the heatsink? Can you perhaps check what your system temperatures are when you do manage to boot into Windows?
  2. Yeah, those babies ran hot in the best of times, probably not doing too good in it's 3rd or 4th year, now. Definitely check your temps, and if it freezes again, check your hard drive activity light to make sure it's not that that's freezing on you.
  3. better start saving some money
  4. The temps are around 75-80 degrees, but the thing that is confusing me is that, my pc will also freeze will loading windows (gets stuck while at the wondows logo). My HDD seems to be fine because I ran disk checks and i used Seagate tools, what other tests can i run? RAM seems to be fine too...I ran about 5 passes using Mem86
  5. Are those load or idle temps? What about your CPU temperature?
  6. These are the temps while playing games, etc...My CPU temp is difficult to check when it freezes because i have to restart the pc and my take a few tries to actually start it up again...Bu for the times i've checked, Its about 60 degrees.
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