No network connection, but interet works

hey guys, have been having issues with my network

i run windows 7 and under the network and sharing centre at the top it says

"you are currently not connected to any networks"

yet im still on the internet,

im trying to get mw3 to work over net with a friend but no go.

any help???
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  1. That message means you havent selected a network type (home, work, public) yet. Once you do that the message will say you are part of a home network.
    It has nothing to do with the internet!
  2. when i click "connect to a network" in network and sharing center, a box comes up down the bottom right saying
    "not connected no connections are available
  3. Try going to Network and Sharing Center at the top of the screen there is an image of a computer, next to it should be an image of a home (if connected to home type network), a building (if connected to work type network) or a park bench (if connected to a public type network). Next to the second image should be a globe representing the internet. You probably can't see all three images.
    Under that is a "Connect or Disconnect" link, press the link and complete wizard selecting Home Network in the wizard. When the wizard completes you should see all three.
  4. theres nothing there, even when i click on see full map it show my computer, my other computer and a cross between the modem and the ineternet

    look at there pics
    the 2nd one i just clicked on the "connecte to network"
  5. It looks like you may be connected through the other pc!
    1. Go to Change Adapter Settings.
    2. Right click "Local Area Connection" > Properties.
    3. Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4) > Properties.
    4. Select both Obtain Automatic an IP/DNS Server Automatically >Apply >OK

    You should then be assigned a new IP from your router and all will be OK!
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