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Ok. So here is my problem. I got a brand new AMD Radeon HD 6570 1Gb 128 bit. After installation, my native resolution (1600x900) suddenly transformed into an out-of-my-monitor's range. My last video card was an nVIDIA (don't remeber the series) at 512Mb 128bit where my native resolution was just fine. Few more things... when my nVIDIA was installed, at the resolution tab, 1600x900 was recommended. Now after AMD's installation, i got no more 'recommended' next to any of my resolution options. Right now i'm living with 1366x768 wich isn't great. Please help me woth somehing. Can't live like this anymore (suicide is not an option for me :sarcastic: )

My monitor is a Benq G2020HDA
OS: Windows 8 Pro

Thanks for your time to read my thread!!!
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  1. It is driver issue so reinstall the driver
  2. ok. i did that on both drivers. video Card's and monitor's driver. same effect. any other suggestion?
  3. You said that you had nvidia card mean than in registry there is mix up of amd and nvidia i reccomend to download driver swepper software and uninstall old nvidia drivers fully.
  4. ^ if above method not work then you have only option left- reinstall the windows and if the problem accurs then its clear that it is a hardware problem.
  5. ok. those details i forgot to mention but i didn't thought that were important. after i assembled my video card into my pc i changed my windows 7 with windows 8. so basicaly there isn't no more nVIDIA driver installed anymore because i'ved deleted entirely that partition where my windows and programs were installed. so... i'ved done that yet. one more thing... after i installed my AMD V.Card i startes my pc with it installed and 7 for a few hours. the probleme appears on win7 first and persists here on win8 so is not the windows's guilt either.
  6. So it can be problem of gpu.i reccomend you to check that gpu in other's pc and see.
  7. so you are asking me to take my video card and try to install it in other's computers to see how is it's behaviour in other's computers. right? this is not a solution. because if i'll se that in others pc's works fine that means i have to buy other VC, wich is not a solution either as long as in this VC's specs says that 1600x900 is supported. thanks for your help anyways.
  8. Your gpu is in warranty so they will replace it if its faulty but if it works then its very hard to tell.just check that.
  9. what driver version are you trying to use? the latest from amd website for win8?
  10. yes. for win8 x64... that's my OS installed
  11. ok so here is some additional info... my monitor is plugged through VGA like before. nothing different here. but i saw something that i think it's not normal in 'My VGA Displays' tab in section Properties (VGA Display) from Catalyst Control Center.
    It says like this:

    Monitor Information: Display Data Channel (DDC) = Not Supported; Display Name = Not Supported; Maximum reported resolution = Not Supported; Maximum Refresh Rate = Not Supported

    How can i change this? Or how can i make Catalyst Control Center to recognize this.

    I suppose that AMD doesn't recognize my monitor.
  12. Ehh, that is a bit of an older model monitor I think, and they are also not native to the U.S., I would guess that the driver they have is not compatible with Windows 8 but that is all I can think of.
  13. chugot9218 said:
    Ehh, that is a bit of an older model monitor I think, and they are also not native to the U.S., I would guess that the driver they have is not compatible with Windows 8 but that is all I can think of.

    if it's not compatible then why they say that the driver is for windows 0 x64? it says that directly to their website. AMD's Website. as for the monitor dirver :-?? really don't know for what is compatible. just download it from their website. trust me is not from the driver as long as i didn't had this problem on last windows with my older Video Card.
  14. I am saying the Monitor driver may never have been updated for Windows 8 because it is an older monitor. Try and see if you can use a driver for one of their newer monitors. Did you get the GPU running correctly when Win7 was installed or did you not try. You do not understand my point that the driver may have worked fine for Windows 7, but Win8 is fairly new and they may not have bothered to create a compatible driver for that monitor, or if they did, you may not be using it.
  15. ok. let's make this simple. win7 + nVIDIA Video Card = great view win 7 + AMD's Video Card = what just happening with my view? (and the same with win8) tadaaa so it's not like the monitor driver was outdated right? as for the driver for Video Card (always updated. even now.)
  16. 12.11 beta 11?

    edit also check the pins of your cable, allmost sounds like there might be some missing or bent
    (see the pin out on the right hand side, specially pins 12 & 15 that are used for the " I²C data channel for DDC information" )
  17. My pins are just fine... just verified them all.

    As for the beta update, can't find it for download. For now my latest driver installed is 12.10 for windows 8 x64 (download it from the official website, today)

    This is what CCC shows me:
  18. Quote:

    As for the beta update, can't find it for download.

    did you check the link I posted, you can download them right from there... the green text part... :heink:
  19. ok. i'ved just installed that beta version 12.11. the problem remains unchanged. i'll try to install win vista to see how it will behave i'll come up with an answer soon
  20. ok. i'ved installed vista. resolution problem solved, but my text is not so smoother even if i'ved selected the Clear Type option and even if ran through Clear Type Tune wizard. what should i do?
  21. btw. the problem i gues was that the official driver for my monitor wasn't for Windows 8 then, i'm askin': How was perfectly fine with win 7 with nVIDIA's Video Card? :ouch:
  22. ok so now i have to put my win 7 back... the graphics detail is very poor on vista... in games, in photoshop and even with movies. i tried everything from VC's settings to installing codecs... damn... i guess my problem is unsolvable. :(
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