Home streaming, from Sempron to i3??

Any suggestion or experience, I am currently running a "home Server" with windows 7, I am just streaming movies (HD 720 and 1080) across the house (8 x 2TB with a Supermicro SAS2LP-MV8 controller).
I am thinking of some improvement.
I have an AMD Sempron 145 with an old MSI 790gx mobo (no sata3, onboard video card).
I am tempting by a new i3 3225 with an ASRock Z77 Pro3 1155 for around 180$. And I just bought a new ssd.
is it worth the investment? Any other suggestion? Would it improve my streaming?
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  1. I found my 2120 i3 with asus h61 board for $125 on craigslist. It's almost identical to the 3225. If you use craigslist, don't be afraid to offer less or wait a couple of days for the price to change. I had a sempron 140; still have it for a spare setup. Good choice for the board if you go with the 3225. To improve your home streaming, best way is to go is with faster internet service.
  2. HI, I did the same, I used to have a sempron with 4GB of Ram, it was fine but sometime noticed bottle neck issue when streaming or playing movies (REMUX) from my server (the sempron was my server). I changed to an i3 with 8 gb of ram and everything is now very smooth. (I have 2 to 3 htpc running movies from my server where i store everything)
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