Computer won't display anything

Hello, I'm busting my head over a computer I assembled not 3 days ago

TL;DR Computer posts with a normal, single, short beep, but doesn't go any further than that.

I assembled everything, turned it on, installed Windows 8, played some video games, all good. I turned it off last night, and this morning I found it won't display anything on the monitor. When I press the power button, the fans spin up, the harddrive spins up, LEDs come on, the motherboard posts some numbers (15, 55, 36, 4F, 72 and it finally settles on 94 after beeping once [which is normal, it beeped once when it was working yesterday].) and it turns off if I press (not hold, just press) the power button. I removed everything except the CPU/HSF, and it started beeping with error code 55 because it didn't detect any RAM. If I put the RAM back in it just hangs on 94 again. I checked both the motherboard/graphics card VGA/HDMI connections but there isnt any video output on any of them, and I reseated the CMOS battery to check if maybe a setting went wrong, but nothing worked.

I should note that in normal operation, the little number display showed the CPU temperature.


I tried:
-Breadboarding (CPU/HSF/RAM only, still hangs on BIOS code 94)
-Using on-board VGA connector (Still nothing)
-Plugging in my monitor to a laptop (The monitor worked, so it's ruled out)
-Reseating CMOS Battery/shorting CMOS jumpers (Nothing)

Specs are:

CPU - i3 3220 with stock HSF
PSU - Corsair CX500
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8GB
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM001
Case - HAF 922

Thanks for any ideas.
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  1. Hi, do your MB has on board graphics, if so plug the monitor and see what happens. Your PSU is underpowered one. Your GPU only requires 450w of power leaving only 50w for other components. What is that 94 in you pic? Is it 94F or 94 C ? If it is 94C then reseat your CPU/HSF in a proper way with thermal paste reapplied. Good luck. Reply..........
  2. That's FUD and uninformed ignorance. The 450W is the recommended minimum PSU - not the GPU's maximum power draw. That's the TDP.

    What does Error 94 refer to in the manual?
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