Creative : Video Blaster Digital VCR (Good or Bad)

I was checking out some tv tuner cards and came across this one on creative's website (link: )
There seems to be a major lack of information on this which could mean it may just may be new and not many opinions are out on it. Any input would be helpful as to whether or not this tv tuner card is worth the money. It seems like a great card and will go great with my pc which is a 1700 +athlon XP +512ddr ram running Windows XP and Geforce 4 Ti4600 (preordered) so I should have the requirements overpassed and I really want something that is going to show off my hardware investment and hopefully this will help.

Jason Leydon
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  1. Bad
    USB and not D1 resolution.

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  2. Quote:


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  3. NTSC - 720X480
    PAL - 720X576

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  4. err you say it is usb but it says it is not usb .... its a pci card did you check the link?

    Jason Leydon
  5. I was wondering about this card as well. (It is a PCI card that comes with remote). Site says its resolution is 640X480. And as Scuba says NTSC spec is 720X480. How much of a diference this makes - I don't know. Nor do I know how stable the card is or how good the image quality is (resolution isn't everything). I don't know may people who get DVD quality cable anyhow and VCR quality recording is usualy going to be at lower resolutions too.

    I haven't seen many local retailers actualy sell this product (only seen it online). And I haven't been able to find any opinions on this product.

    If anyone does find any reviews/opinions on this product, let me know.

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  6. I stand corrected (I was refering to the Video Blaster Movie Maker)

    So it look as if Creative also have a TV Tuner card -
    Let me refrase my words

    BAD -
    Not D1 resolution, based on TV Tuner and designd for viewing TV.
    It might be nice for capturing small snaps off the TV and replaying them but I will put it in the same basket as the rest of the TV Tuner cards. With overall picture quality not even as the Dazzel DVC II.

    Intel / AMD - <A HREF="" target="_new">IBM are still the best</A>
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