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Hi Guys,
I am having trouble with my palit nvidia 9600 gso 768 mb graphics card.My Problem is it has only 2 dvi ports & 1 s-video out and dvi to vga converter is showing no signal in both the ports & i have 2 converters
in old converter the light goes on blinking and in the new one the monitor signal light is steady but blank & can i connect via s-video out will it display on my television? plz help
Thank You
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  1. dvi can be either analog signals, digiatal signals, or both. Your dvi to vga converter would be forced to be analog since vga cannot use digital. So you must make sure your 9600 outputs anaolog on one of the dvi ports for it to work.

    As for svga, yes it will connect to your tv as long as your tv has a svga input. I ran my htpc like that for several years back in the day because my tv didnt have a vga input.
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