General questions.

Hey all.

Got a few questions one of wich doesnt apply to GPU's.

Ill start with the one that doesnt apply to GPU's and get it out the way.

I just upgraded from a AMd athlon II x2, to a AMD phenom II x4, my CPU temp under loads of about 60%-99% are around 58c, is this normal?.

Next, my GPU is giving out alot of coil whine since the upgrade?, my thoughts are that the old CPU not being powerfull enough bottlenecked it, is this possible? Its certainly strange beacuse my GPU heat is alot lower then it usualy is, and still have the coil whine.
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  1. Sorry but considering i cant edit my posts, i want to add the CPU idles at about 44c up to 47c if im browsing the net.
  2. you can edit

    yes, the temperatures are normal. the max most of us would say is 70C.

    no, it would not make an audible noise from the cpu bottlenecking the gpu. What's making the noise is probably the fan, which you can replace if you need to.
  3. those temps are not bad but not great. there is no danger with those temps.

    Coil whine? do you mean electromagnetic interference? through the speakers?
  4. I agree around 70 is about the point where you are comfortable when you get to 80+ you need to lower your overclock or increase your cooling.

    I would say your power supply could possibly be causing your card to coil whine. Without knowing your other components it makes looking at your situation hard.

    Please be as specific as you can i5 isn't a answer i5 2500k is :)

    If your computer is a retail or store bought computer please provide the following information:

    MODEL #:
  5. I believe he means coil whine coming from the card it wouldn't come from speakers.
  6. CPU: AMD phenom II x4 3.0 ghz 945
    MEMORY: 4gb DDR3
    VIDEO CARD: MSI geforce GTX 550 ti cyclone II oc 1gig
    CASE: cant state as no idea.

    The place we bought it as a "barebones" was novatech.
    PSU is a 550W
  7. Okay I'm not familiar with the PSU does your unit on the side the sticker list the amps to the 12v rail and do you know if its 80 plus (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum)
  8. No idea. Sorry.
  9. Open up your case and look for this sticker.
  10. bigshootr8 said:
    I believe he means coil whine coming from the card it wouldn't come from speakers.

    electromagnetic interference can also be transferred to the audio chip on the motherboard and come through the speakers as a whine. This is what I meant. Example. happens when you change a car stereo and don't add a noise filter. As you rev the engine the noise pitch changes. happens to PC's to because it happened to me. My cause was a PSU just for Info.
  11. I gotcha yea I think the more common coil whine is through the unit not necessarily from the speakers but point taken.
  12. I cant currently get inside the case but on the PSU box it has this.

  13. Yea I would say it should be more then fine based off the intel logos it looks like the first i3/i5/i7's certified. I don't how good the unit is but I wouldn't be terribly concerned with it.

    There so everyone can see it :P
  14. Just got a little worried, it only did it in GW2 so far, it did it in all games before my new CPU, but never in GW2, now its just GW2. Ran fine, hit about 60-65c "the GPU" was fine my CPu maxed out at "58" under load.
  15. Yea you are just fine :) 65 sounds golden for a loaded temp. And your CPU is doing just fine with 58 under load. Get to the 80's and we can have the oh crap the house is on fire discussion.
  16. Lol, awsome, to be fair the way you all make it sound those temps are great. Considering i actually have only CPU fan PSU fan and GPU fan, thats a suprise.
  17. They are, they are quite great actually I would say. Now if you were to overclock I'd expect those temps to sky rocket but for non overclocking you are safe.
  18. Welp my GPU is factory overclocked out the box, thats why it uses a ton of power. But my CPU is brand new today, and i have no plans of OC'ing for a while.
  19. the temps are good. I have a Phenom II X4 965 Overclocked to 4.0Ghz with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo cooler and i hit 58 max during stress tests. you are most defiantly in the safe zone.

    when i ran the stock cooler i would hit 58 at 3.8 GHz but I have a high air flow case to help combat the heat.

    Have you run Prime 95 or Intel burn test to see what your temps will reach as max?
  20. No i havent, little worried to see the temps itd hit haha.
  21. Dreadbeard said:
    No i havent, little worried to see the temps itd hit haha.

    expect the temps to go up in the summer. mine will usually rise about 4°C in the summer at idle and about 6-8°C under load this is normal unless you keep the environment strictly temp controlled. Yes i run A/C durring the summer.
  22. Well the way UK is going over the latest summers itl probebly be a fair one, ill most likly buy some extra fans for my case when i get my money next month.
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