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i am trying to find the right graphics card for my computer, i want the powerfullest one i can possibly get ( yes i know my computer is quite old) but im trying to beef it up a little.
if anyone replys to this ill give all details of it upon reply.
hope someone can help
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  1. Computer specification? Including PSU details...
  2. omnisome said:
    Computer specification? Including PSU details...

    Got an as rock p4i45pe motherboard, 2gb ram, and this might sound stupid, but what's psu?
  3. PSU = Power Supply Unit

    I have looked at your motherboard and found that it doesn't have a PCI-Express slot, this means you're really not going to be able to install any decent graphics card from the last 6-8 years.
  4. You will have to upgrade your motherboard to a latest version which means that you will probably have to change your cpu too. i suggest you get an i3 2100 and a compatible lga 1155 socket motherboard with it and please make sure it has a pci xpress slot. then put a Radeon HD 7850 graphics card in that slot. you will also have to upgrade your ram to ddr 3 :p or if you dont want to go through the trouble of changing ram or cpu just get the same socket motherboard with a pci express slot and put a hd 7850 into it. make sure you have a power supply of 500 watts (GENUINE) to power up that card. The power supply will not cost that much compared to the graphics card
  5. Time for a new build if you want to game at all...

    even a i3 and a 7850 would be a massive and budget conscious upgrade.
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