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Did I harm my motherboard?

I was trying to fit an Nvidia 315 from my current computer into my new build just for a test boot. Is it a bad thing if I tried (quite forcefully) to fit it into the PCIe x16 slot on a Sabertooth 990FX? There was a slight crunching sound, but the same thing happens with RAM, but that continues to work just fine...
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    it should be fine, but really id get a better video card
  2. Yeah, I'm planning on a 670 AMP! Edition, but I had pretty much everything except the video card and some spare time, so I just put it together...
  3. get a gigabyte windforce or a msi power edition. they are smaller and better options
  4. The space doesn't make a difference to me, and the Zotac seems to be the quickest option for the money. I'll be waiting until 700-series, though, most likely, for a price-drop.
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  6. my gigabyte sits at 55c at full load for the most part. and is very quiet compared to a zotac. the overclock can be easily done by yourself
  7. The Gigabyte is more power hungry, and sound doesn't matter at this point, since I'll be using headphones mostly.
    And as for the space, it makes no difference, since a 2-slot card can't go in the second PCIe slot because of the soundcard.
    What PCB does the Windforce have?
  8. its a 680 pcb but with a extra power phase
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