Gigabyte superb 550 enough for 7850 2g/gtx660

i am wondering if my powersupply will handle a 7850 or a gtx 660

current running a 1035t x6 with a gts 450 ftw, with 6 gigs of ddr3 1333 and a 1tb harddrive
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  1. So you have a 550watts PSU right?
    A 550watt PSU can handle both the cards, if it is a good PSU. If it is 80 plus certified you are good to go. If not you have to take a chance.
  2. its actually a 450w branded with the 550w max power draw. i wanna upgrade my graphics card which is a gts 450 and i'm running at a 1680x1050 res. i just want to know whats the best i can hope for in an upgrade for my graphics as this is my backup computer and would like to obviously upgrade the graphics.
  3. I think it should work then but better provide the PSU make and model number
  4. 450 is the minimum requirements for gtx 660 don't know about hd 7870. but it shud be 80 plus certified psu if its a 450 psu. gl on the new card 2!
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