Cable and PC hooked up through projector Audio Questions!

Hello, this is my first post. Thank you in advance.

I have a InFocus IN116 projector for my aspiring home theater. It is hooked by VGA from my computer (I can play all my movies,tv shows,and video files; PC games; netflix it works out really well for me and I enjoy the user interface of a computer compared to using scaled down versions like (xbox,roku) windows media center, netflix, hulu, apps

I will be moving into a new apartment soon and will get HD cable provided by at&t at no cost to me so needless to say I would like to use it! Ideally i'd like to run it through my computer like everything else. I have looked into tv tuner cards but in my research (CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG) they do not accept HDMI in yet or I can't find one. I understand I can hook up through COAX no problem but, no audio and it will not accept HD from what I've read....that is my dilemma. My speakers are run from my computer and they are going to be 5.1 so I would like my cable to be using them.

A friend told me to run a HDMI cable from the cable box to Projector then use and AUX cable from the audio out of the projector into the line in port which will in turn bring sound to my speakers. Will that work? I have nothing to test it with at the moment.

Thanks again.
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  1. You can get a tuner card but the only HD channels you'll get are teh unencrypted ones andmaybe the over the air ones if your cable company puts them in the wire like mine does.

    To get the other HD channels you'll need to purchase a card that accepts a cable card (these were like $200 when I checked) and then rent a cable card from your cable company (prices vary).
    Looks like they're still almost $200

    As for the sound, you dont have to pump it out the hdmi port. You can select your soundcard as the primary device as long as its hdcp compliant.
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    Cablecard solutions do not work with AT&T IPTV. Standard TV Tuner cards will only accept the downgraded output from the set top box's coaxial output. The answer (as mentioned in the other forum section), is the Hauppauge Colossus or HD PVR (if even that works).

    -Wolf sends
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