Need Graphics Card suggestions for 420W PC

my old 2008 ASUS Radeon HD 4870 has blown up and i was going to replace it with a new graphics card and install it myself. my PC power supply is 420W and im looking at a Gigabyte nVidia GT630 2GB which uses 350W.
would i be able to run it on my PC or should i be looking at a less powerful graphics card. if so does anyone have any suggestions as to what graphics card would be a good replacement with out adding more power supply! thanks kindly - Justin
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  1. GT630's are very low end and will not play modern games well, I would be aiming at a 7770 if i were you.
  2. I will sell you an HD5670 if you're interested. It runs on my 300w PSU and is fairly capable.
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