Zotac Geforce gt 240 1gb

I Have the zotac geforce gt 240 1gb graphics card.

I am wanting to know if the rest of the stuff in my pc is suitable for running this, as we just bought a mac with a slightly worse spec graphics card that runs games better than the pc... infact the mac runs them Amazingly!!!! So i think my pc should too maybe with a bit of tweaking required... hope you can help.

The pc in question has an AS Rock N68c-s UCC mother board.
Processor is an AMD Athlon x2 ...
4gb ram 2x 2gb
580watt Psu

Ive read a bit online, about the motherboard not letting the graphics card run to its optimal ... if so then what motherboard do i need?

Also read somewhere about maybe needing an AMD athlon x3 processor or something better along those lines?

Hope you could throw me some advice this way so i can chew on it... as we first suspected it to be a bad graphics card for what we wanted to do but now we think differently, that its fine and everything else is needing an upgrade of sorts.


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  1. Since Mac and windows are different platforms you are bound to see performance difference.
    I don't think your computer needs tweaking as you won't get the appropriate parts also it will be very expensive.
    The processor can boost the games.
  2. Ok so what do you suggest? for me to be able to let the graphics card run to its optimal what do i need to do? or is it not going to happen? do i just start over with a new pc? coz that sounds more expensive....
  3. Would it have to be a combination of a better psu, 64 bit os, better motherboad and better cpu? or is there one thing i can change to make a significant difference as i read that the motherboard is not helping the gpu's situation here...
  4. Get a new computer or at least a few parts. Since you have an old AM2+ socket it is better you change your motherboard and processor. You can get AMD FX8350 for $200, ASRock 990fx extreme3 for $84 and a HD 7750 for $90 or HD 7770 $115. So you can build a way more faster computer for less than $400. I think that upgrading your current setup will be more expensive. Also the processor is one of the best.
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