Why is this happening to me?


It happens to not only steam, but in some images on facebook and other websites, i see messed up rendering issues like that. It's really annoying.

I have a hd radeon 7950 vapor-x at 950mhz, with the latest amd catalyst driver.
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  1. check your gpu temp...might be your gpu failing...
  2. Not at all, this is a brand new gpu that I got last friday. It works perfectly fine. It's at like 30 degrees celcius with 0.0% load while on chrome.
  3. how do you know it works fine? maybe there's issue with current driver? try installing older driver?
  4. Because it works fine with every game that I play. I get good fps on every game and there is never any artifacts. I only get this on Chrome and Steam. I need help with this problem, it's getting worse. Lemme show you another instance of this.

    look at the images in the 1st and 3rd thumbnail.

  5. so it's only on chrome and steam? no problem on ie or firefox? definitely software issue. I dunno if it's worth it but i'd just reinstall both those software, and if it still intact, i'd really pondering on complete fresh windows install.
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