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So I just got an acer v3 series 9686 and I realized my headphone jack wasn't working, many other people with windows were having this problem so I downloaded realtek drivers. I could not even find the program much less did it fix my headphone problem. So I uninstall realtek and now my intel dolby drivers whatever won't work, I have no sound. I am really upset first no headphones {which is a big problem} and now no sound at all. What do I do! I'm breaking my new laptop. Dx
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  1. Come to think of it, @#$% realtek uninstalled my original sound driver. Ahh! All I have is intel{r} display audio. Omg. T.T
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    Go to the acer site; enter your model number and or serial number; and OS version. The download the drivers you need and install. Should fix the issue.
  3. Actually that's what I just started doing. So it's a zip file, whenit's done downloading I just unzip the file and everything's hunky dory? Or do I put it some special place or do I have to go into my audio drivers and do install or update from location and then choose the zip file or? .-.
  4. Okay I got the audio driver back, thank god. But my headphone jack still doesn't work, this is a huge problem for people with Windows 8 so there has to be a solution I just can't for the life of me find one that works. ._.
  5. Holy *** yes I got it to work. Thanks dude.
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