Unidentified network when sharing internet through lan cable

My router (which is a combo device, modem + router) only allows 4 devices to connect to the internet at one time. That would be fine, but the router SAVES the device that was used. So even if I disconnect all 4 of the devices currently using the internet, I can't connect with a new PC.

I tried removing power to the router for 30 seconds but it didn't help. I still can't connect with my PC. I can't reset the router because my ISP put a custom firmware in it that locks me out, so I'd have to be a couple days without internet and that's not acceptable. So I decided to use a LAN cable to share the internet from my laptop to the PC.

Problem is, I get that little yellow icon and when I move the mouse over the connection it says "Unidentified Network". File sharing is working but I just can't connect to the internet on the PC.

If there is a hassle free way to reset the list of devices that were connected to the router or a way to fix this lan cable situation, please tell me...

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you don't have access to the router, then you can't remove the restrictions. You can't just connect a cable between computer and have it work. You need a crossover cable. You didn't mention your OS, but you also need to enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).


    Don't ask me why, but microsoft's page is coming up blank.

  2. Well, this cable I'm using I know that it works to share a connection. I did it at a friend's house because the PC wouldn't recognize his wireless connection, so I had to connect the laptop and use the cable to connect my PC to the internet.

    Anyway, the laptop has Windows XP and the PC has Windows 7.

    The article you posted, already did all those steps and I still get no connection on my PC.

    EDIT: I might have found the problem. I forgot that I never activated sharing on the LAN connection back on the host computer. That's because whenever I activate sharing on the LAN connection, the internet stops working on my laptop. Any ideas?
  3. If any of the computers has a 10/100Mbit connection only, then you should use a crossover cable for PC to PC connections. Only the gigabit ethernet specs call for auto mdi-x, thus don't require crossovers.

    As to why your laptop loses connection when you enable ICS... I'm not sure about that one. I haven't used ICS in a long time since routers are fairly cheap now. Too bad you are locked out of yours. Your ISP won't help you with adding more computers or removing the 4 pc restriction?
  4. I'm an idiot, I had everything set up all I had to do was reset the adapter back on the PC.

    Now after I did it, internet worked, but the PC got so slow I restarted it. Now it gives me a I/O error or something...


    *sigh*, one problem after the other but the network problem is resolved.
  5. Aren't computers great, lol! Check your event viewer for that message and others. It may point you in the right direction.
  6. Well, I turned off the computer and messed with the wiring on the HDs. Nothing seemed to be loose or anything, but I tightened them up more and the PC booted.

    Could it have anything at all to do with the lan cable? I'm afraid to plug it in again and have the same problem.. >_>
  7. The lan cable shouldn't be a problem. A bad cable wil either not work, or you will have severly degraded throughput. It shouldn'toss an I/O error.
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