Will 550w be enough for new gpu

Hello, so i would like to get a new video card probaly a 7950 or 7870. But amd says it recommends 500w minimum, so would 550w be enough to safely power either of these gpus?

Here's my specs: intel 3570k( not currently overclocked)
gigabyte ga-z777x-ud3h motherboard
western digital caviar black 1 tb hard drive
1 dvd/cd drive
8 gb of g.skill ripjaws ram
xfx 550w bronze plus certified psu
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    Yes. It will be plenty as AMD overestimates the power needed. I would recommend the 7870 LE as a middle ground between those two while providing the best price/performance.
  2. This is the only 7870XT in stock right now AFAIK

    The xfx 550W can handle the 7970ghz fine as it's got tons of 12volts
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