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Will these re-used parts bottleneck?

Building a new rig for a friend and he has a tight budget. I though it would be possible to re-use some of his current parts.
Here they are:
~Intel H57 Motherboard
~2x4GB of 665Mhz DDR3 (unknown brand)
~ATI 5770 1GB
~Intel 520 120GB SSD
~Unknown PSU

I know that I should replace the PSU with a SeaSonic and I plan to switch the GPU to a 670 (maybe a 680). I hope to be able to reuse all the other parts. Would those parts bottleneck the 670 in any way?
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    They should be fine.
  2. tiny voices said:
    They should be fine.

    Sweet. He gave me only a $400 budget and I knew making a whole rig out of that would suck, but using all that money on a GPU and PSU would allow him to get some rocking performance if what he currently has wouldn't bottleneck anything.
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