Building an eGPU? Which card for $200?

I might be building an eGPU for my Lenovo y480 with an i7 processor and 8gb ram. What card should I get to play games (looking at planetside 2 and some other modern shooters).

Also: If someone could suggest a desktop for an equivilent price (minus the PSU, the case and cooling mechanisms, which I have) for 500$, that would work too :)

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  1. No point. Your eGPU is not going to out perform your GT 650m by much in the Y480.
  2. Ok... Well I found a GTX 460 on ebay for 40 bucks... if I upgrade my desktop GPU (its really old like nvidia 9800) what kind of processor would I need to play games?
  3. What CPU do you have now?
  4. Not sure, but it's something antiquated for sure. The sticker on the front says AMD athelon X2 and I'm too lazy to turn it on to check... so yeah
  5. I think instead of buying the GTX460 for $40. you should use your $500 budget to get a new build. But wait for Haswell, Nvidia 700 and AMD 8000 series since you already have a capable laptop.
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