Problem | with GeForce GTX 260 driver

it's started two weeks ago,
i waked up in the morning, resume to use the computer, and then suddenly he got freeze.
sooo i made a restart, but when i opened Google Chrome, he made wired display, black boxes around the sceen.

so i thought that the problem is with the video card, so i updated it to his lastest version but it made worst...
so i came back to my old version, and here is how my sceen looks when i using "Unity3d games engine":

also, and if you want, this is my dxdiag log :

i can't get the reason, cause it doesn't happedned before!
everytime i'm openning this software is get stuck and freeze, and when i open a lot tabs of Google Chrome it get stuck, and when i'm playing 3d games it get stuck.... i can't do anything with the computer....

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