Tracking error; software -> hardware?

o/ long time reader; first time poster. lots of successful advice from here in the past, so here's my deal:

built computer ~2 month ago; ssd, gigabyte 660TI, i5, asus p77z-lk mobo, corsair cpu cooler.
computer works well, 96% stable when gaming (infrequent crashes).
play lots of hawken, which begins to crash every 45m with a shipping.exe file not found.

while back and forth mailing with the hawken support crew the power surges in my home. now computer will not run games (exe, program, whatever) computer does run IE however.

take computer to shop where they say they do hardware diagnosis (how do I know?) and after 4 days i learn the system failed the test and then passed after one stick of memory was removed. Happily, I re-install windows 7, update, and hawken. After all, the computer tech's said it would be fine.

Wrong. Nothing beyond internet explorer works; any game crashes within 5 minutes of startup due to the exe "stopped working" with no error or solution.

I don't know how to proceed troubleshooting from here; I'm starting to think maybe I'm not cut out to own a pc.
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  1. Another test you can carry out is to the hard drive itself, using Seagate SeaTools for DOS. Download it here:

    Use IMGBurn to create a CD from the SeaTools ISO file:

    Now boot your PC from that CD and SeaTools for DOS will open.
    Test the hard drive using the Long/Extended test.

    Note: you may have to go into BIOS Setup and set the CD/DVD drive as the first boot device if you computer won't boot from the CD.
  2. Hi kianzi!

    I'm sure you did everything possible before going to the repair shop.

    But, just for the sake of exploring every avenue, did you do a virus scan on your system?
  3. a quick google search revealed that this is most likely a direct x problem, and downloading and installing directx 9 should fix it Direct X 9 Microosoft

    you can verify directx is working by:
    click start > type dxdiag.exe > press enter
  4. -scrag; I have malwarebytes as my go-to, but even that program crashes when I attmept to use it (scan system, and the check boxes for block malware straight up won't check, but thats a whole 'nother problem googlesearch may help solve later)

    -great randini; the problem seems to have started out a directx issue, but updating allowed things to open for a whole 5 seconds rather than simply closing on startup. currently running dx.11, and the 9 download says "a newer or equivalent version of DX has been installed already." DxDiag reports no problems found anywhere that I can see.

    -phil; i'll give it a try. I was thinking of replacing the c drive with a new hd for the same reason; just test and maybe eliminate one part.

    thx all so far
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