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My home built computer is freezing up, I have no idea why. It will freeze about 5 minutes after booting. Which gets shorter every time I try consecutively. After freezing it atempts to restart and freezing after calculating the amount of memory on the post screen. It was really dusty but I cleaned everything out. CPU is at about 95F at idle. I can't get any other temps due to the limited time to get to the utilities. I tried replacing the memory and no difference. It will also freeze while in the BIOS. I noticed that the video card was hot to the touch after 5 minutes of running, but reseating the card did nothing. No error messages if any kind appear during this, and there are no syptoms besides the freezing. Specs are:
AMD 3.3GHz 6-core (not sure abot the full number for this)
XFX Radeon HD 5870
16GB G.skill Ripjaws 1066
750w Coolmax PSU
90GB OZC Agility Boot Drive (Windows 7 Home Premium)
1.5TB Seagate Data Drive
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  1. Remove 5870 and turn it on with it.

    Post what happens.

    Sometimes when your pc freezes its the Hard Drive, why not make a Clean Install of windows on your boot drive.
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