Can my CPU & PSU handle GTX 650?

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate ( Currently at 32bit but planning to switch in 64bit once I bought a new Graphics Card)
CPU: Intel G620 @ 2.6GHz
MOBO: Gigabyte H61M - DS2 rev. 2.1
PSU: Power Choice 580 Watts ( Please Refer to the Image I posted below for PSU's Specification )

First Question: Can my CPU handle GTX 650 Properly?

Second Question: What is the Limit or Maximum type of Graphics Card can I get with my current CPU and PSU regardless of Budget?

Third Question:

I'm planning to choose between GTX 650 and GT 640 Graphics Card. I'm having a hard time to choose with the two. My Concern on 2 Video Card is..

GT 640 (4,200 PHP): Affordable, and I think I don't have to worry on my CPU and PSU. I think G620 and my PSU can handle this without a doubts.

GTX 650 (4,790 PHP): Affordable, It's just 590 PHP Higher than GT 640. What makes me worry on this Video Card is, can my CPU and PSU handle this? I read the Specification of the GTX 650 and It's just 1 Watts higher than GT 640. I just don't know if that Comparison from NVIDIA & is accurate and trustworthy. This card also need a 6 PIN connector. I saw an empty 6 PIN connector on my PSU.

Thank you & Hope someone can help me...
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  1. Better go for hd 7750 instead of gtx 650.hd 7750 performs better and consumes 43w on will work with your psu.
  2. If you want nvidia then get gtx 650ti
  3. kabayan? :)

    i am not aware of the quality of that psu, but if that is good then even a 660ti or maybe even a 670 would be ok.
    the kepler consumes lower power than previous generations.

    my 550w gigabyte odin could handle a gtx260 which consumes more than the 500 series.

    check the 12v rail of that psu
  4. Sure, your PSU will work just fine.
  5. @ ASHISH65: thanks for the input, I'll add 7750 on my list. But going to 650 TI will overkill my needs. So I think I will stick on choosing between GT 640/ GTX 650 plus the 7750.

    @ Cons29: wow, we pinoys are really around the world XD. I am also not aware on the quality of my PSU. I called it semi-branded, it's not the physical generic PSU looks yet its not on the line of the well known Branded PSU's. My current PSU also has a switch on the back and 2 Fan (Bottom and Outside) physically, it almost look like a Branded PSU. Please let me know what kind of check or inspection should i do with the 12V Rail.

    @ rezervesizeja: what about the CPU?

    By the Way guys, is there any way to compute the estimate Watts running on my PC?

    I will wait for more suggestions and comments.
    Thanks !!!
  6. Do not use hw compare it is not accurate as it compares according to specs.use this one very usefull -
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