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I'm trying to put a PC together over the next couple weeks. I've already bought some parts but I'm holding out on others for better prices. I'm working on 3D modeling and some photo editing and possibly video editing as well. Render times and multitasking some pretty intensive programs is key. I'm looking at somewhere between $1500 to $1800.

So here are the parts I've already bought:

Case - Rosewell Thor 2 - $130
PSU - Corsair HX850 Modular - $160
SSD - Samsung 840 120GB - $95
RAM - G.Skill Trident X 2x8GB - $118
OS - Windows 7 OEM - $85

Here are the ones I'm still looking at:

i7-3820 Defiantly considering the 3930
EVGA GTX 660 ti 2GB
WD Black 1TB
Corsair H100i

Not looking at overclocking or SLI (yet). Also I'm planning to upgrade later, because I have a price limit right now. So I'm looking for a base system that can also kick some ass and have plenty of options to upgrade.

Mainly looking for suggestions on where I can cut some corners but not at a loss of performance, i.e. Am I buying too much RAM or should I get a different brand. Also looking for incompatibility concerns. I think I did well matching up all the parts but if I missed something let me know.

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  1. Well if you are not looking to overcloxk, why spend $110 on the h100i? Since you already bought tje psu I cant say much, but that is a waste of 850W, you arent going to SLI and oc and you are using gtx 660ti. You could have save around $80 and could have use the saved $190 to buy the 3930k.Buy the 2x8gb ram since you said intensive multitasking.
  2. I'd like to rephrase and say I'm not going to overclock (yet). I will probably do a light overclock just to get a little more out of the RAM.

    I was going to buy the H80i the the 100i is only a couple dollars more. What would you suggest then? I've had problems with overheating before so I tend to overcompensate for that.

    AS for the PSU I used the ASUS wattage calculator and it put me at 800w so I went with the 850.

    Does the 2x8GB give a significant increase over the 4x4GB. I know the P9X79 is set up for quad channel but would dual be better?
  3. Alright. Looked in to it and I'm going with the 2x8GB.
  4. Anyone else think the H100i is too much?
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