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I bought a gigabyte z77-n and an i5 3570k last week and now I'm discovering that the system fan header is not working on the mobo. I tried using the energex 120mm PWN 4-pin fan on it if anyone is familiar with it as I am pretty sure this is suppose to run off the mobo's 4 pin sys fan header.

Anyway, since returning the mobo means taking my newly built pc apart, I have some questions: is it worth it to return the mobo for this reason? Could it be a sign of underlying problems? It's been running fine otherwise...

I'm also going to return the CPU because its running hot and since im not going to buy thermal paste and remount the CPU fan just because microcenter gave me a bad board. I don't know how we'll this excuse will hold up, but I'm curious if microcenter will allow it if I only want an exchange and not just money back. Will I get a new CPU/mobo or will it refurbished?

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  1. You will have to take it apart and return it all in its original packaging with all components included. They should give you store credit.
  2. my microcenter takes anything back without caring for a reason. i bought a case that wasn't manufactured right, and the girl at the counter couldn't care less about what was wrong, she just wanted a reason to put in the computer. so most likely they will take it back, i guess it just depends on who's on the other side of the counter.
  3. Okay that's good. I got them on sale so I'd like it if I could just get the same parts again in exchange
  4. they will exchange as long as its all in stock, if not its store credit.
  5. Why return the CPU if it is good? Does not make sense to me.
    But yes a dead fan header is a valid reason for motherboard return.
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