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Should I sacrifice CPU and RAM for better GPU???

HI everyone! Im getting a new alienware this friday and I'm in quite a conundrum. My original configuration that I was going to get was a: 2.7ghz quad core processor, 16gb RAM and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 675M. However, I am now unsure of what I should buy because I kind of want a better GPU. The other configuration that I could buy is: 2.4ghz quad core processor, 12gb RAM and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 680M. Is there a noticeable enough difference in the CPU and RAM configurations that i would notice it? Is it worth it to dumb down my cpu/ram for the 680?
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    Hmm you could easily give up the RAM but I think you may regret 'dumbing down' the CPU in the long run.
    My rule ifor these situations is to buy the the fastest CPU and upgrade the other parts when needed later.
  2. Go for 2nd one gtx 680m is better than really not need 16gb ram and a quad core at 2.4ghz is enough for my choice is gtx 680m In gaming cpu < gpu 99% of the time.
  3. What's the price range on the two machines?The same?
  4. assuming the cpu is the same generation, 2.7 vs 2.4 will only be visible in the will not notice the difference in real world. I'd say get the 680m one.
  5. Go for the Higher GPU, gaming will take more from your GPU than CPU, and 2.4 is enough, also the lower memory doesnt matter as you can upgrade that later on if you really need to, but if you will not use it for gaming go for the higher CPU if you will need for processing power for applications
  6. Thanks for the help guys Im actually going to go with an m17x with the better ram and the 680x!
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