Need help with first build.

Hi guys, :D
I've been looking at this website for a little while now as I have decided to build my own computer. I have never built a computer before but I've spent two weeks looking at forums and videos of how to build a computer. There are a few things that I am not sure of and will ask about.

First a look at the build I'm planning. This will be a primarily gaming build :) but also used for uploading videos possibly and general internet stuff.

CPU: Intel CPU Core i7 3770K - LGA 1155
Cooler: Cooler Master 412 Slim CPU Cooler
GPU: MSI nVidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti Power Edition 2GB (N660TI-PE-2GD5OC)
Case: NZXT Phantom 820 - Black
PSU: Corsair HX850 V2 850 Watt 80 PLUS Gold
RAM: Corsair DDR3 8GB (2x Vengeance 4GB) 1600MHz CL9
MOBO: Asus P8Z77-M-PRO Intel Mainboard - LGA 1155
SSD: OCZ 120GB Vertex 3 Low Profile 7mm 2.5" SSD
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
DVD/CD: Pioneer DVD/CD Burner
OS: Windows 7
Monitor: LG 27" BLACK LED
Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Elite Mechanical Keyboard
Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2013
Headphones: -

Total: $2131.70 (without OS & Headphones included)

The place I'm buying all the stuff from is in Australia (due to the fact that I live here).
Here's thier website:
This is the page where you can custom build your own pc.

I was wondering if I was overdoing it somewhere or not enough somewhere else?

CPU: I'm not sure if I'm going to overclock unless I need to and think I can save money there. If i just get the one without the k can i just use the stock fan?
GPU: I think that this is good unless there is something that I haven't read yet. I heard it's got V-sync so that's one of the reasons i'm getting it to stop tearing.
Case: Well I could get the Cooler master Storm Enforcer it's much cheaper but i like the look of this one and it's a full tower.
PSU: I thought this would be enough as I think the system will require around half and have heard that PSU's perform their best arounf 50-60%.
Ram: It's 8 gigs now but I'm think of going to 16 gigs in the future possibly in a year or two.
MOBO: This is where I have difficulty as I can't choose, I think this one is good but what about MSI same P8Z77 or maybe Gigabyte.
SSD: I though of getting one for the OS and putting a few games that I'm currently playing on there as well to reduce loading times.
HDD: I think that 1 TB is enough for now but I will probably want to upgrade to 2 or 3 later.
DVD/CD: I dont need a Blu Ray since I have a Playstation.
OS: I prefer the look of Windows 7 to 8 and would not go to Mac or Linux due to games.
Monitor: I want a 27" but Samsung and it'll probably be on sale later for $259 but this is good enough I guess.
Keyboard: I like Razer. Do I need this or just the normal one that's about $50 cheaper?
Mouse: I think that this is the best on the market and I like Razer.
Headphone: Just reccomend me any good ones from here but not over the top expensive.

The budget is around 2k AUD.

Games I will play:
Europa Universalis 3 and 4
Civilization V
Total War Series ( nearly all of them)
Cities XL
Simcity 4 and 2013
The Witcher Trilogy
Oblivion and Skyrim
War of the Roses
Battlefield 3

might get some others but I want to be able to play these on high or ultra settings and maybe record at the same time.

Thanks for all the help guys and gals.
Sorry for the long speech.

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  1. also do i need an ethernet thing to attach to my mobo or gold stands (dont know what they're called) or do the stands come with the mobo.
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