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Im looking to build a basic gaming system to run battlefield 3 and farcry 3 ect ect, I dont have much money £500 tops to spend on the base unit. ok so i already have a graphics card i bought for my current pc but it is dated and just crashes when i install the new card, so i thought i might aswell just build a new system.

my current pc is a stock pc bought from currys,

The graphics card i bought was a Nvidia gtx650

so i would like to keep that but i need the rest of the parts so im stuck between these 2 deals? i only want this pc for gaming, nothing else



so which one would you go for for pure gaming?

The other parts of the build i have looked at are these, im hoping these will all be compatible as i am new to system building




Optical Drive

Any input will be much appreciated or if you think there will be a more suited product that will be in my price range?

as i said i am new to this so please speak in lamen terms
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  2. ok thank you
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