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Asus 680 gtx full 3.0 bandwidth?

I was looking to get the 3 pci slot asus 680 from new egg and was upgrading from 550 ti SLI, and was wondering if the asus 680 uses a full 2.0 pci slot, I know it's 3.0 but my mobo is only 2.0, yes I know it's compatible I'm just wondering if the 680 would preform better on a 3.0 or if no current market gpu's even use 2.0 to its full bandwidth, thanks for all the help!!!
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    No current available gpu uses full bandwith.there will be no performance loss if gtx 680 plug in pci 2.0.
  2. ^ yep
  3. ^ +2 you lose very little from not having a 3.0 port or ivy bridge CPU to push it.
  4. As long as your plugging into at least an 8x slot it would be fine. Even the most powerful cards don't need more than PCI-2 8x to run at full capability.
  5. Yea it is x16 so I should be alright, I just didn't wanna get the card and have it suck, thanks for being an awesome community guys and for replying fast! Gota love this forum :)
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