Usb to hdmi scaling problem

Hello, recently i bought a usb to hdmi connector for my laptop as it doesn't have a hdmi or displayport connection on it. the only problem is the scaling where outer edges of the screen aren't visible, this would be an easy fix in AMD vision engine control center, if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't recognize this connection as an LCD tv which is what i'm connecting it to, so there's no scaling options, the only thing present is my built in displays, which have no scaling options. also my TV doesn't have the right settings to adjust the image from that either. I've installed the drivers for the usb to hdmi connector that came with the connector it as well, Is there a program that i can use to adjust the scaling manually outside of vision engine control center? The laptop is a lenovo g575 with AMD radeon HD 6310 graphics card.
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  1. Does anyone know if you can buy a adapter so that you can use the input hdmi slot as a output one aswell on a laptop , because my laptop only has a output hdmi slot just wanted to know if anyone knew what i could buy to make it be input aswell? email me with responses please
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