Strange buzz out of speakers after installing new videocard


I just got a new AMG 7850 videocard, and when i installed it i hear a very irritating buzz out of my (KRK Rokit 5) speakers. Especially when i start a program that requires allot of videocard power. the buzzing gets louder.
What could be doing this?
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  1. Try to turn off your power save settings(Speedstep/Cool,n,Quiet ect). Things may run hotter, but the switching frequency of the power system will not be so erratic(this may cause your issues.).

    Can you hear a sound near the video card or cpu at the same time this happens?

    I know some users hear it on BOTH if you do, power options may be the fix for you.
  2. Thanks for your response!
    how do i turn off my power save settings? In the BIOS right?
  3. Yes, you can also do a registry trick as well.

    This thread and this image have more info if you want to try this.
  4. Hello,

    that didn't help at all hehe,
    But when i disabled Speed Step the noise was reduced significantly, still annoying though.
    Does this mean my power supply is too low perhaps?
  5. I have seen this with both overpowered(850 watt on a 150 watts of computer) and underpowered units(450 watt units @ 300+ watts).

    What is the power supply and system specs you have.

    I have seen this, but it seems to be an interaction with parts. Not always bad(no damage), but clearly you do not want to have to hear that sound all the time.

    Some power supplies have an extra high uF rating capacitor on the PCI-E/CPU power lines that are supposed to reduce or even eliminate this noise.

    Switching power supplies are inherently noisy, but have high efficiency. With the right filtering they should be good for audio, but things happen on a board with so many parts needing power in differing amounts constantly.

    I can not give you a yes or no for a certain power supply(but an interested in you current power supply.), because it is an interaction of all parts. Most users just hear the coils on the card or board whining, but some do hear it on the speakers/headphones.
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