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Why is there flicker on some objects in crysis 2?

i5 3570k (stock speed)
palit jetstream gtx 670
asus p8z77 v lk
8gb 1600 corsair vengeance
corsair GS600 psu

nvidia 310.90

when playing crysis 2, @1080, dx 11 on, hi res textures on, all ultra, vsync on, motion blur on,
some objects like rocks are flickering. hard to describe but when you look at some objects, it seems to glow like some shadows are turning on and off.

they are always the same objects, ex. when i restart and go back to look at the same rock/wall i will see the flicker again.

tried a lot of changes in settings and observed that
it seems to decrease occurrence when Object setting is lowered to extreme from ultra.
is this a card problem or software problem?

temps at idle around 30+C
max temp around 70+C
rig is new, just annoying why this is happening.

thanks for your input/suggestions!
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  1. Hmm, you could be experiencing tearing honestly. What kind of frames do you get out of Crysis 2? Have you thought about turning on Adaptive to see if it solves the issue?

    Nvidia Control Panel>3D Settings>Manage 3D settings>Program Settings>Select Crysis 2> Vertical Sync and then Select Adaptive.

    Pretty much what will happen is the software will turn on vsync when you get beyond the point of your screens refresh rate and then when you go below it it will turn off. This is not like normal vsync where it will continue to lower your frame rate till your card can catch up with your screens refresh rate.

    By the way thank you for listing your specs and the driver number you are using I don't have to hold your hand on this one :P
  2. Texture flickering is often a byproduct of unstable VRAM overclock.
  3. It is not the first time I hear about this issue in Crysis 2 -- I think it is not a hardware related problem, but a bug.
  4. Could also be a bug but it doesn't hurt to try and see if it is tearing. Eliminate all possibilities that is hardware related and then the game. But agreed though it could be the game the game didn't release well with DX11 and there was texture packs and things of that nature.
  5. just tried the adaptive, it is still there.
    If vsyc is on i get around 50fps ave,
    if off, it is 60 ave.
    (thanks for this tip, seems to improve overall fps)

    if its an unstable vram, is it a bad card? i did not do any manual oc, it is factory oc.

    in BF3 i don't see this flicker.

    bought the rig mainly for crysis 3, it would be sad to have this issue there as well. hopefully this is not a hardware problem.. =) what else can i check?

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    If you play other games and it does not show then It would be logical to come to the conclusion that it is a in game issue. Which is not your fault its quality control on there part you are just fine sir :) I hope things are different for you in Crysis 3 they are using the same engine in that game and the graphics felt almost identical.
  7. that is good to know. =)

    on another note, if you will choose between
    1) dx 11, all ultra except object=extreme
    2) dx9, all ultra
    which would you pick?
  8. hmm well dx11 as normally you will get a higher quality picture. I can't embed the images but here is a link to the comparisons I prefer the DX11 and higher textures.
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  10. I apologize there the link is now added to my previous post :) And hopefully you feel a little better now with your experience with the game.
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