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I have a dell XPS 8300 with a AMD Radeon HD 6670 graphics card I am trying to get 3 monitors set up but will only do 2 the website says it will work up to 4 and dell say it will only do 2 and trying to get me to buy another graphics card for £300 !! or they said i can get a dongle? Please Please help !! I am at my wits end with this !!! thank you
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  1. of course the graphic card does support 4 multiple displays you can check this website tell the dell technical support person the same they are just trying to stick you with the upgrade
  2. thank you YES that is what I thought !!! I thought I was going mad !!! I would like to get it working tho ! Also my sound is all messed up now as well. Any suggestions of how?
  3. can you tell me waht displays are you trying to connect the computer too and what cables are you using
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