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Purchasing a new vid card.. Need some help

I have a GTX 460 768MB oc on my system right now. if I spend the hassle on getting another one for SLI.. would it perform better than getting a card now worth 350-400 dollars?

Thanks guys
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  1. No.
    Get a 670.
  2. Yeah get a 670 its a beastly card
  3. No, SLI-Crossfire on the older cards is flaky at best. Get a 670 or 7950, depending on your persuasion.

    Not to mention you will be hampered by the minuscule amount of VRAM in those little cards.
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    Well firstly let me ask what you play. If you are someone who plays games that use Physx then perhaps it may be wise to stick with Nvidia however if you don't or you don't really care about eye candy you may also want to keep a eye on the 7970. The better value at the moment is the 670 however to be fair I'll provide a link to both sides of the fence as both are valid options in your choice. But yes I would avoid getting SLi.

    Companies to look for:
    ASUS: there directcuII cooler is very quiet and will provide excellent cooling.

    There is also the MSI power edition card which is a decent option as well. The noise level is a bit high on the startup but this is because when the computer boots the fans spin backwards to brush off the dust that is left on the card. This stops after around 30 seconds. The card runs very cool and has the possibility for great overclocking

    And for EVGA I would go with the Signature 2 card. And I would only get EVGA if you wanted the reliability, there customer support, warranties and something that just worked, I wouldn't expect the best cooling, and or the best overclocks this is the best air cooled card that they offer.
    Prices are from the lowest to highest,70
  5. get a GTX670 now or wait a few weeks for the 700 line to release

    Nvidia has already released the GeForce 730M and 710M for laptops I know. (they're based on 600 series chips though.
  6. I would think the cards will come out in a little longer then a few weeks maybe months at this point I would expect around April, May and possibly even June. So I would ask myself if I were willing to wait to see what is about to come out. Or quite possibly wait for the new product to come out and get the current generation at a cheaper go rate.
  7. Hey I want to thank you all for your comments and opinions I really appreciate the feedback. Right now I'm playing black ops 2. and I know it doesn't take much but I like my games to be as smooth as can be and awesome looking as possible. maybe $350-400 is too high for me.. anything close to being as good in the $250-300 range?
  8. Perhaps a 660Ti or 7950. Lately there has been a post showing the 660Ti outperforming the 7950. Either card would perform just fine with COD BO2,71
  9. If I were to get a 660Ti I would get this one the ASUS DirectCUII cooler its quiet and runs very cool.

    with the 7950 perhaps something like this
  10. COOL! thanks guys.. all good advice. I think ima go with the 670 baby! But I have to wait a few weeks to save up. :)
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