Which M Card Is Best for My Needs?

have purchased an aio workstation and would like to upgrade the card that came with it (quadro 1000m) without breaking the bank. the computer will be used for spreadsheets, photoshop, a little gaming, web surfing and possibly some light video editing and modest cad/3d work down the road. current system config:

27" 2560x1440 ips
xeon e1245
windows 8
16 gb mem
quadro 1000m

m cards i have in mind:

AMD FirePro M8900
GeForce GTX 675M
GeForce GTX 485M
Radeon HD 6970M
Quadro 4000M

although i'm sure there are other options, i have located the above cards (refurbished and/or used) and they are within my budget. any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. can you upgrade AIO computers? they look compact like laptops so probably the graphics is integrated into the motherboard to save space
  2. yes, most everything in the aio i've purchased is up-gradable, including the graphics card - the e1245 cpu in the system does have integrated graphics (intel hd p3000) but it also has a dedicated graphics card (quadro 1000m) which i want to upgrade. any thoughts on the cards i previously mentioned?
  3. Check power requirements and power that the aio can deliver. Theres not alot of sense putting in a 150w card if you only have a 90w power source.

    Which brings up the next subject; cooling. GPU's get hot so check the cooling situation of your aio.
  4. i guess i didn't phrase my question clearly - my system is able to handle the previously mentioned cards and it can be upgraded to use any of these cards as well. as such, any recommendation as to which card would be best for the need i outlined?
  5. after reading through some of the posts in the graphics card section i noticed that nvidia cards seem to be the choice if adode (photoshop, premier, etc.) applications will be used, which will be the case for me. as such should i exclude non-nvidia cards from my list?
  6. well the 675m must be better than my 670m, Go for it.!
  7. actually i did not include the 670m on my list because the price for the 675m (refurbished) was not much more at all. according to passmark and notebook check these cards are pretty close in performance, no?
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