Dual 7770's in Crossfire or 7950?

I have a question about 2 video cards:
Should i get the dual HD 7770 in crossfire or a single 7950?
The CPU will be a fx-8350, 8GB of ram and 650 watt PSU.
I want to play BF3 in HD on 60 fps and want to play black ops 2 at medium in HD at 90 fps.. and planetside 2 in HD (..ofcourse...) at 50+ fps.

Thanks :)
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  1. Absolutely a 7950... performance will be similar but you avoid all the problems of a crossfire setup AND you get better overclocking potential should you choose to do that. If money is a concern, you could take a look at the new 7870LE which is really just a slightly cut down 7950 and performs almost the same.
  2. where to buy a 7870le ?
    And what are the problems of a crossfire setup?
  3. Crossfire setup will generally be louder and hotter than a single card, it will be more finnicky about drivers, and will have microstutter. Microstutter may not be noticeable and is fixable almost always, and driver troubles are the same, but it's just more of a hassle that you can avoid by going single card.

    Here is the 7870LE.

    And here's a review.
  4. Also, not every game will benefit from multi-card configurations. Go for the 7950.
  5. I would choose a 7950 by far!
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