New gtx 660 causing computer to shut down

Hello, I recently just bought a evga geforce gtx 660 graphic card. my old card was a geforce gt 220. I put it in, and everything goes fine. Then i ran the windows experience index thing and after like 5 seconds the computer shut down and when i restart it beeps and says it shutdown because of a thermal event (cpu overheating).

so I downloaded core temp and speed fan, and did it again, and the temps were all fine when it shut down. the gpu was at like high 30's and once the cpu got up to like 50 is when it crashed. but i put my old card back in and ran the same thing and it got up to mid to high 60s with no problem and didn't shut down(gpu temp was fine as well, i think it was around like 40 or something)

So i don't really think it has anything to do with temperature at all, cause even if i run the experience test as soon as i start up the comp it still happens after 10 secons, so i dont think it would have time to heat up that much, and why with my other card in would the cpu be able to go into the high 60s c but now with this one it shuts down at 50? and i can start my pc up again right away and the temps are at normal.

So i was thinking it might be that my psu isnt good enough? the geforce website says that for a single card 450w is enough and my psu is 450w, but I can't really think of any other difference between the old card and this card that would cause this.
(the old card doesn't plug into the psu but the new one does. the new card has a 6 pin connector that splits into 2 molex connectors, and i connected both of them in.)

my internet on that computer is messed up and cuts out every 5 minutes for some reason right now so i havent been able to download any games but basically i think it would happen with a game to, i think as soon as i run anything that requires some muscle like the windows experience test it shuts down within like 10-20 seconds. but if im just browsing the internet or anything it works fine.

so does anyone else think it might be the psu? or what else it might be? i wanted to ask here before i went and spent money on a new power supply.
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  1. What is your PSU model? a cheap 450w PSU won't work.
  2. its a codegen, it says model number cg-pxa4-4 which or some reason i cant find online anywhere, all i see is cg-pxa4-3 and cg-pxa4-2, the computer is like 3 years old around so maybe they dont make it anymore, but anyways yea its a codegen and its says max watt 450
  3. This one?
    This PSU only has 16 AMPs on the 12v or around 192W... I would bet money that your PSU is causing these issues.
    You might want to think about getting something like this:
  4. yea its just like that one, but that says cg-pxa4-2 and mine is cg-pxa4-4 but that ones looks exactly the same so idk. yea i think im gonna go ahead and order that since it has a promo that ends today and a 20 dollar rebate card that ends in 5 days. im gonna go ahead and order it and i will update this thread when it gets here, it wouldnt hurt to get a better psu anyway with these deals on it.
  5. oops wait thats a dif one, hey this 600 watt on has the rebate im talking about this one would be good to right?
  6. Yes that one will work too, after rebate its the same price so get that one :).
    It has 46a on the 12v... or 552w... should make a huge difference.
  7. cool thank you, well i will update this thread in a few days then.
  8. Alright, hope everything goes well!
  9. There's a pretty good deal for a CX500M (semi-modular) :

    What Derza10 recommended is plenty, so just point it out the modular one.
  10. Nice find!
  11. hey got my power supply, so far everything looks good, it isn't shutting down when i run the experience test. internet is still fucked so i cant download any games to test it out(i buy all my games digitally so i dont have discs to install with, and i wiped my hardrvie before i got this new card) but im guessing since it didnt't shut down when it shut down every time i ran it before that it is good.
  12. also it seems that psu get to wear off every year for like 10% so 2 years old 450watt psu for a 450 required card is not great idea. i think to use some 7970 sapphire on my 3yo 500w quality psu, but i guess i will have to unplug dvd drive, somehow i think it eats like 30watt according to wattage wall meter :) dont ask me why :) and even then i will have to pray the psu will be ok :)

    tough my 660 and q9550 oced take now 239Watt from wall at most so who knows :)

  13. psu's dont lose watts as they age like that unless they are really poorly made and have leaking capacitors. Capacitor aging of good quality capacitors is more like 0.5% per year.
  14. A good rule of thumb I like to go by:
    If it shuts off under load without hanging or BSOD, you might not have enough juice from the PSU.

    A great site for checking PSU estimates. (I prefer to check for 100% peak load with 10% capacitor aging to be ultra, ultra on the safe side when purchasing.)
  15. A good rule of thumb I like to go by:
    If it shuts off under load without hanging or BSOD, you might not have enough juice from the PSU.

    A great site for checking PSU estimates. (I prefer to check for 100% peak load with 10% capacitor aging to be ultra, ultra on the safe side when purchasing.)
  16. Good to hear everything is working... Do you mean your internet does not work at all? or your computer can not connect to the internet but you have a working internet connection in the house?
  17. i have working internet, it works completely fine on my laptop and my parents old computer and with my xbox 360, just for some reason it doesn't work on this. Some people said norton might cause probs but after I wiped my hardrive and reinstalled windows its still happening.

    I switched to att uverse and they make you use this 2wire modem/router combo device thing and it worked fine when i had that but after like a week the wireless just stopped working, i went to the router and it kinda smelled like it got burnt out or something, I can connect wirelessly if i move my laptop like right next to it but it doesnt broadcast more than like a 1 ft radius. I tried every channel to broadcast on and turned the power up all the way, so i know its not that, plus the burning smell makes me think it malfunctioned.

    but the modem itself still works just not the wireless but its too far to connect to it with an ethernet cord. so what I did was take my old netgear wireless router and plug it into the modem and that worked good for the other computers and xbox but for some reason this one computer wont work on it. before i wiped the drive I could actually stay on the internet for a few hours it would just have to reset the adapter anytime i left the computer for a few min, but if i was actually browsing the internet or playing a online game it would work for hours. but now since I wiped it it lasts for like 5-10 minutes than stops working, and i reset it and it works again for 5 min, etc..

    when I do the troubleshoot connection thing it resets the adapter and says the problem was that the default gateway was not available. I tried a million different things, I tried setting the ip address manually with a bunch of diff ips, updated router firmware and tried messing with a bunch of settings on both the netgear and 2wire router. reset both them to factory settings, disabled ipv6, and a million other things I have seen suggested on the internet, but nothing works.

    It shouldnt be a problem as soon as i get a replacement modem from att but my parents keep procrastinating calling them. I need to start bugging them. I do have a phone line in my room that i could try hooking it up to so i could then just plug directly into the modem but the att person said it only works on one outlet. Im not sure if they said that just so stupid people wont mess with it, but Im gonna try setting it up in my room.
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