Gaming - upgrade to i5 3570k + geforce gtx 680

hey all long time reader here, just thinking about upgrading my pc. the deal is all i use it for is gaming, all types of different games and i like to play every game in highest details as i can. i play all games in 1920x1080p. the only 3 things im thinking of upgrading are cpu, motherboard and gpu. Plus i wont be overclocking at all.

current specs are..
fx 4300
sapphire pure black 990fx
vengence 8gb ddr 1600
radeon 6970

what im thinking about upgrading to...
i5 3570k
Asus P8Z77-V LX
geforce gtx 680 SC

do you think this is a good way to go? like i said i only use my pc as a gaming machine nothing else. any help in the right direction would be appreciated aswell as any advice/recommendation
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  1. Hi ross89r!

    The CPU you chose is perfect, as it has the best performance/price ratio.

    The GTX 680 SC is a beast of a card, and will play anything you throw at it at 1080p at ultra details!

    How about your power supply? What is its make and model?
  2. i got a cooler master bronze gx 650w. do you think thats enough? all else i have connected is 1 hhd and 1 dvd drive other than a few fans
  3. The CM GX650 Bronze PSU will be quite capable of providing for the GTX 680's power needs. Here is a link to the power consumption bench of a GTX 680.
  4. great! thanks for the replies looks like ill be buying these tomorrow :)
  5. Awesome! Enjoy! :)
  6. What about the motherboard? will it fit the gtx 680?
  7. in the end i went for the asrock extreme 4, so I cant say sorry
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