Used hdd into a new build question?

I'm posting this in this section and HDD bc I don't know where it belongs. I bought a used HDD from a friend to save a little bit on my build, I have never built a computer before. So forgive me if this is a total noob question, but I'd rather get it done right. Do I need to format the HDD before I install windows onto it, and is it possible to do this from the bios?

z77 extreme4
i5 3570k
1 tb seagate barracuda
8 gb g skill sniper 1866 ram

I think thats all I need to say?
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  1. Install the hdd, go into bios and make sure it is second in line to boot, first being the dvd/rom drive, insert the windows install disk, save and restart, when it asks you to press a button to boot from disk, do so. During the install it will ask you to select a drive to install windows on, if there are partitions here click on them and click delete, once it is just the drive with out partitions click on it and click format after that click the drive and proceed from there with the onscreen prompts.
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