Gtx 660 vs Radeon hd 7850

So i have been researching some cards and i chose the Nvidia gtx 660 and Amd radeon hd 7850.
My budget is around 150 £ (200$) and i decided to go with these two.

Extra information

If the gtx 660 what brand should i choose as i have seen a lot. I only have around 10" of space in my case.
I have the corsair cx600 so it should handle both cards
The 7850 is a little cheaper.
My motherboard supports crossfire x but not SLI

need any more information just ask :)
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  1. The GTX 660 is a bit quicker.

    Zotac GTX 660:
    tiny card, it will fit no matter what.

    Powercolor Radeon HD 7850:
    It is highly overclocked and is pretty short.

    Sorry about the non UK links, but I do not know what good UK stores there are.
    NCIX does offer international shipping though...
  2. What about HD 7870? It is around the same price as GTX 660 and 7850 but faster than both.

    If you plan to overclock, I highly suggest HD 7850/7870. HD 7850 and HD 7870 are extremely good overclockers with many going into high 1200mhz and low 1300 mhz. There are thread on anandtech and overclocker forum about all the OC experience. I think one of the guys OCed HD 7850 so high that it came within shooting range of GTX 680 and HD 7970, stable of course.
  3. I suggest the GTX 660 if you are deciding between 7850 and GTX 660. However, if you can get a 7870, then go for it and forget about the gtx 660.
  4. Almost forgot, quality brands for NVIDIA cards are EVGA and ASUS. The cheap brand is Zotac.

    For AMD, Sapphire is the best followed by ASUS. Cheap brands are Powercolor and XFX.

    The more expensive brands tend to have fewer reliability issues than the cheaper brands.
  5. I was thinking about an asus nvidia but most of them are too big to fit in my case.
  6. If your board only supports crossfireX, I would probably go for a 7870 if you could. The 660 is a great card for its price, and I'll doubt you'll see much of a difference between the two. You'll more than likely be happy with your purchase of either card. I would go for the 7870 for the possibility of crossfiring.
  7. I will look on some offers on the 7870 thanks
  8. here are my stats and i must say that even tough i like to go 2560x1440 and that would mean 7970/8970 660 is really great

    on my q9550@3.4GHz
    Driver 310.90 Fraps test 180s FC3 Ultra average fps on 4MSAA 28,60fps; 2MSAA 36,63fps; 0MSAA 43,06fps
    Driver 310.90 Fraps test 180s BF3 Ultra average fps on 4MSAA 47,35fps on 64MP map

  9. The difference between the 7850 and 7870 is too high for me
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